Cinereous Incarnate Album Review

Band: Abstracter Album: Cinereous Incarnate Country of Origin: United States Release Date: June 8th, 2018 Genre: Blackened doom Label: I, Voidhanger I seriously can't put this one down. The third release from Oakland's blackened doom masters is one of those albums good enough to bleed from the review pile to my regular rotation. I've listened [...]

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That's right, SMM now has a Patreon page! For those of you who can't get enough of SMM, our Patreon is the place for you. Remember that Silent Motorist Media is an ad-free space; we also insist on paying our writers. That means we depend on support from readers like you to keep things going. [...]

Sweat Drenched Author: An Interview with Zak A. Ferguson, Part Two

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is part two of Zak's interview, separated for the reasons stated in part one. We pick up exactly where we left off, as per the dictates of reason. If you haven't read part one, do so now. Otherwise, you will find yourself hopelessly at sea. Zak A. Ferguson: I don’t know, Austin, [...]

Sweat Drenched Author: An Interview with Zak A. Ferguson, Part One

EDITOR'S DISCLAIMER: This statement is necessitated by certain unexpected events that directly followed the publication of this interview. Any statements made within this interview or elsewhere by the featured author are his own and do not reflect the beliefs or standards of Silent Motorist Media personnel. Furthermore, Silent Motorist Media is not supported or funded [...]