Silent Motorist Makeover

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So you may have noticed this blog looks different. Or, maybe you haven’t. Either way, there’s nothing to get too worked up about. Nothing essential has changed. The Silent Motorist Media makeover allows me, at least in my perspective, to alter the emphasis of this page in the following ways:

1) Make this blog less about me as an author and more about the content. This was never intended to be a “fan” page.

2) Allow for possible future guests writers and collaborations to publish in an environment that doesn’t make it look like I own their content.

3) To put a unified image on the distinctive voices I’m trying to promote in bizarro/weird/horror/whatever fiction (yes, I do have a specific philosophy when it comes to fiction, but more on that later).

Most importantly, however, I want people to feel free to participate! Artists, writers, musicians: anyone should feel free to step up to the mike, here. This is a communal blog dedicated to the arts of the small press world.

But I have my limitations. What isn’t here is money, and that’s okay with me. However, I would like to get to the point where contributors get paid, since this would enable the content quality to become very interesting. While they’re not going to be pushed, a donation certainly wouldn’t go unappreciated. Other ways of helping include purchasing Esoteric Sausage and Other Malformations from Amazon or from me, taking advantage of my editing service, or having me design a promo banner or book cover for you.

But enough of this. Let’s get back to the show, shall we?

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