Nominate a Weird Writer to Save Us All in 2018


Alright readers, it’s time to help Silent Motorist Media honor 10 deserving writers for our first-ever Writers to Save Us All list. We’re looking for weird, bizarro, horror, and otherwise experimental writers who haven’t quite received the exposure you think they deserve. It’s a tough old world for writers out there; now, you have a chance to give your unsung hero a boost!

Please do not nominate yourself. You may submit your nomination as a comment to this blog, or you can email us at For the purposes of this list, try to choose a writer who has released something in 2018, or is scheduled to do so. All nominations will be submitted to the SMM Facebook group for the final vote. May the best writers win!


10 comments on “Nominate a Weird Writer to Save Us All in 2018”

  1. S. L. Edwards, K. A. Opperman, Adam Bolivar, Christine Morgan, Richard Gavin.

  2. To name but one is hard, but I’m taking that vote and going with S.L.Edwards. Not just for his writing, but also for his tireless work in the scene promoting other writers and sharing opportunities. A rare beacon of light.

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