Sweat Drenched Author: An Interview with Zak A. Ferguson, Part Two

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part two of Zak’s interview, separated for the reasons stated in part one. We pick up exactly where we left off, as per the dictates of reason. If you haven’t read part one, do so now. Otherwise, you will find yourself hopelessly at sea.

Zak Author Pic

Zak A. Ferguson: I don’t know, Austin, what am I am? Help me. What do I look like from the outside? A poseur? Taking undeserved credit?

Austin James: No. Not at all. You’re the promoter.

Hmmm, marketing. Marketing with my mouth. Mouthy-Marketing?

You’re like the Mr. Hyde to S.C.’s Dr. Jekyll. Together: a revolution.

I like to think I’m the entrée to NR.

Entry like a vestibule?

Yeah. Enter my mouth get in my gut get shit out. Whilst in gut you’re with S.C. being processed and converted.

Haha. Perfect. That should go beneath the logo

Ha. Ha. Haaaaaaa!

Alright, changing subjects again. Tell me about the book(s) you’ve got out there

Eat Your Keyboard is experimental Burroughsian, Ballardian, Burkian… inspired madness. My debut. Its nonlinear. Its non-conformist. Its induces anxiety and absolute detested reactions.


Justin B of Silent Motorist hasn’t been able to read it. A birdie told me he couldn’t cope with it. Haha. GOOD! My intent.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This, to a large extent, is true. To be fair, however, I’m giving it another shot. You haven’t heard the last of me, Mr. Ferguson! -Justin A. Burnett

It is a challenge, for sure. My brain can’t handle it in large doses. I mean, I see the beauty in what’s going on… it’s just poetically beyond my grasping. But I admire and respect it.

Thank you for the kind words my friend.

Those who’ve engaged positively with it often pass it off as beat generation inspired and think that’s enough said. It’s not part of the Beat Generation (nor trying to capture that feeling) as Burroughs wasn’t really part of that scene. He was affixed there because he was too large a presence at the time to realize that HE WAS HIS OWN CREATION. Unlabeled. Unrefined. A Junkie Queer Cunt. Who was the best.

Bob Freeville is one guy who took Eat Your Keyboard, studied it, and even made me reflect upon it and see it in a different light. It’s not Bizarro. It’s not fun. It’s not numbered. It’s not edited conventionally, nor formatted to make your eyes grow comfy.

It’s an extremely Autistic Novel. It’s me. My subconscious. My rebellion. My pain. My intrusions. Its fucking awful. It’s so awful, I’ve got an even longer follow up novel, Destroy Your Keyboard, coming out next year.

But ultimately that’s why my second novel, Mr. Nick, was a deliberate choice of mine—to show that with Eat Your Keyboard I was just being this assaulting petulant voice who has too much to say, but too lazy to conform to the mad literary love-scene.


Tell me about Mr. Nick

It’s a Comic-Britazzro-Fantasy. Its linear. It’s an ode to my favorite writer, well one of hundreds, Terry Pratchett. Inspired by Terry Gilliam’s visual wizardry and tone.
More importantly, it was a piece I pitched to my now deceased Grandfather Pete. It’s crude. Lewd. Crass. Ridiculous. Petulant. Like him. It’s heart felt in a dry sense. It was a book I recommenced upon his passing. But I stopped working on it. I didn’t want closure. Then I realized writing it was my way of reconnecting with his spirit. And knowing I wanted this vast world and series of books, bolstered by S.C.’s passion for my GONZO-FANTOS (as he calls it), I finished it.

What’s it about? Well…

Simply… Mr. Nick is The Devil. But, it’s a front. He is in fact God. He’s kept up appearances too long and wants to break out of his mid-millennium, blue-fugue state. He needs to pass it onto someone. Who better than his estranged jobsworth son, William? Only to find that in the motions, he’s granted Cupid the freedom of choice to shed his wings, fling bow and arrow and diaper, and become whichever Deity he wishes—which is now a rarity due to Nick putting a kibosh on Belief-Made Gods as there was far too many modernist gods, like the God of Make Up, the Goddess of Better Sex, etc.

So, a peeved Cupid wishes to encapsulate everything Nick isn’t. He becomes Legion. Nick hunts down the Olden Gods to bring down this EVIL-INCARNATE-ONE he created.

But the book is just fun. Punny-Funny. Its subjective humor. But if you’re a moody git who doesn’t get a giggle out of my pitch then it isn’t for you. It’s simple. It’s emotional. It resonates. It was my favorite piece I’d written until only recently…

Mr. Nick Goes to The Bahamas was and is my most sprawling piece ever written. That’s until Oddity (my 500-odd page Fantos-Comedy for Easily Amused Igors) is completed!

I’ve commenced work on Mr. Nick 3. Also, my third novel, A Taste of Feeling, coming out at the end of September, followed by a side piece to that titled Dimension Whores.
And then there’s Fuck Your Keyboard, which is going to be a collaboration…


… to be officially announced hahaha!

I have a lot of stuff in the works. Even though you didn’t ask…

A Taste of Feeling Cover

It’s cool, I would’ve asked anyway. When do all of these books release?

  • A Taste of Feeling – September 2018
  • Dimension Whores – December 2018/January 2019
  • Mr. Nick Goes to the Bahamas – 2019 Christmas.
  • Destroy Your Keyboard – two-year anniversary of Eat Your Keyboard – 2019
  • Oddity – (TBA)
  • Volatile Voices, Volatile Universe – (TBA)
  • Bullshitting Bertie – (???)
  • Fuck Your Keyboard– 2020?

No, you fuck your fucken keyboard

I do. Every single day.


I don’t care how early this announcement is….
Can I announce it here?! Exclusive!

I wouldn’t be a cutting-edge literary journalist if I said “no” …

Fuck Your Keyboard by S.C. Burke and Zak A. Ferguson (and guests).

Oh shit! That will be sweet! Does S.C. know yet?

Yes. He does. It was the only logical conclusion for it. Oh, I need to plug Gomez Aggonia’s upcoming novel with NR because he won’t participate in it.

He won’t participate in his own novel?


That’s a neat trick.

He’s an absolute tosser. But his shit is too good.

Fair enough. Plug away!

I’ve got 26 years’ worth of notes. Journals and Diaries. Chicken scratch. Parchment with excrement.

So, are you, like, the “translator”?

I am both translator and compiler.

S.C. doesn’t want anything to do with Gomez. He utterly detests him. Very publicly too. But, evidence again of S.C.’s passion. He can love the art without loving the artist. Also, he wanted to throw me in the deep end on my first book that I’ll be editing and formatting.

Well, sounds like this is a good trial by fire. Diamonds are made with pressure and time.

Gomez is very difficult. He’s a 68-year-old, travelling, Mexico-Drug-Addict-Piss-Head who knows a lot of people and tells a good story, but has never been published until recently in the Strange Behaviors Anthology. But, he is fun. It’s a task to construct a story from years’ worth of notes. Its pure underground stuff.

And he hates S.C. because his mother wouldn’t go on a date with him. Let’s leave that there… ask S.C. in his interview.

Haha. That’s actually kind of funny, you know, from a “scoop getting, exclusive cutting-edge journalist” standpoint that is.

It’s a long story. Best left for S.C. thinking about whilst approving Gomez’s book. Bahahaha!

Brotherly love. Anyway, back to being a New Zealander. What’s that like?

Depressing when Gandalf ain’t willing to pick me up from the Prancing Pony.

In other news, there are juicy rumors that NR May be doing more anthologies in the future, perhaps even StrangeR Behaviors?

Yes. But a much smaller intimate affair. Maybe not a Strange Behaviors follow up at all, but something completely different.

Normal Habits?

No… too… oh, normal. That’s the next anthology: No… Too… Oh, Normal, written by no one, as it isn’t real.

It’s actually called: SHUT UP AUSTIN! How to Stop Loving Online Courses and Shagging Classier Toaster Ovens.

Oh, like a self-help book? I like the change in direction… further proof is that NR is cranking out a bunch of revolutionary, high quality books so far this year. Any more in the docket you are able to mention?

Among others, we have Ashland by Bob Freville. NR does have a big surprise in store for next year. It’s going to truly shock people. It’s going to reaffirm why we’re the literary underground and are the leading Cult in this cosmos!

Oh? Going to tell us more or are you playing “just the tip”?

I’m not giving naught away! Just be prepared…

Well, looks like I’ve officially been demoted from cutting-edge journalist back down to douche bag who talks to writers.

This isn’t even about the NR films we’re in talks about!

Do you want to talk about the NR films?

No. But know… NR is spreading its cancer into many varied platforms.


Who told you about…

…no! Yes. Maybe.


Also, let’s talk about the NR amateur porn venture…

You’re the only audition tape so far mate. Less porn more crying into your toaster oven reflection.

Wait, that wasn’t just a fake casting call?

Bahahaha. Ha. Look up Crispy Hatch. RedTube it baby.

$5 and I’ll even send you a direct link. Anyway, this has been a wild interview. It’ll take me forever to make sense out of any of this shit to the point where anyone can actually read it. Any last words, links, plugs?

Only that it’s been an honor. I’m fucking proud to know you and see you grow as a writer and artist yourself and have a place in my heart for you.

Is it time for the secret marriage proposal?

Last words… The Cancer of Creation has led to this moment… Zak actually has the hots for Austin.

BOOM… back to cutting-edge journalist status! Seriously though, thank you Zak. Not only for this interview, but for your friendship and guidance and general “give a shit” about me as a person and an artist. You’re a good friend—an uncircumcised savage—but a good friend nonetheless.

-Austin James


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