The Last Drug Trial on Earth Cover Reveal

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Today, we’re revealing the cover of our first-ever Silent Motorist Media book publication, The Last Drug Trial on Earth, by Justin A. Burnett. Yes, we’re moving slowly into the realm of book publications. We have a few more surprise releases in store for you, including a hitherto unannounced anthology that we’re certain you’ll enjoy, but more on that later (or sooner, if you happen to be a subscriber on Patreon).

The Last Drug Trial on Earth is tentatively scheduled to release on October 1st. We’re considering this release our “pilot” before we move on to accept novel-length submissions from the public. If all goes well, you can expect to see regular book releases.

The Last Drug Trial on Earth is a sci-fi, dystopian, satirical, bizarre mashup. It’s an alien invasion novel, but we’re certain it’s unlike any alien invasion novel you’ve ever read. Buckle in, don’t make eye contact with the squirrels, ignore the voices in your head, and confront THE REAL (whatever that is). Stay tuned for pre-order information.

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