FAVOR! Release

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It’s official: FAVOR! is ready to meet the world. It should be available on Amazon soon, but you can get it right here, right now in PDF format for a donation of any amount.

FAVOR!, for those of you who missed yesterday’s announcement, is a “fashion, health, and… ahem… culture” magazine edited by the unbelievably unlikeable and literally fake SMM associate, Slade Bower. I like to think of FAVOR! as something like Vogue meeting Adult Swim (after getting addicted to banned weight-loss supplements and spending way too much time watching Memory Hole). This issue is NFSW (not regarding images, but written content), so use your discretion.

Click on the image below for your copy of FAVOR! in exchange for a donation of any amount exceeding $0.50. We’ll send the file to the email associated with your PayPal account. Thank you deeply for your support.

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