Month: November 2018

A Short Book Review of a Short Book: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Saying Goodbye

Review by Zakary McGaha 3.5/5 stars. This is a stellar collection of short stories and flash from one of indie lit’s most enthusiastic readers/reviewers. Every story has something to like about it, but some definitely stick out more than others. The style of prose is on the minimalistic side of things, which I uniformly loathe,

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10 Female Writers Who Could Teach Male Authors a Thing or Two

By Bob Freville 1. Kathe Koja Long before modern readers embraced the brutal, gut-churning minimalism of Chuck Palahniuk, Kathe Koja introduced a clipped literary style to speculative fiction that was brusque, brave and fringe before fringe was really a thing. A prominent figure during the 90s genre paperback boom, Koja made a name for herself

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The Weirdest Books Never Written: Part One

In the year 1078, a Benedictine monk named Anselm of Canterbury completed a proof for the existence of God that would leave a certain brand of thinkers stumped over the next millennium. The argument basically hinges on the assumption that for something to be perfect, it must also exist, since existence is supposedly an obvious

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