Terminal Brain Parasite Spreads to the Left

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The insidious organism that has long preyed upon those of White Anglo Saxon stock has somehow become more pervasive in recent months. The elusive ethnocentrada broca’s aphasia worm or hate-leech, for short, has taken charge of its new hosts at an alarming rate.

In the span of less than five years, it has begun to multiply. In 2013, we saw the hate-leech take hold of outspoken Democrat and SNL star Alec Baldwin. Baldwin was seized by the frontal lobe fiend while dealing with a paparazzo who he then involuntarily called a “cocksucking fag.”

The entertainment industry seemed largely unconcerned as it appeared to be a situation that was contained, but in no time the parasite had multiplied and New York congressman Anthony Weiner was replaced by Carlos Danger, one of the hate-leech’s aliases. Danger then sent unsolicited dick pics to a 15-year old girl.

The country was able to confine the parasite for a period of 21 months, after which it was once again unleashed upon humanity. While law enforcement agencies kept a close eye on the weiner worm, their efforts appear to have failed as the scourge continues to proliferate.


It is with a heavy heart that we report on the fall of CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill who was possessed by the ethnocentrada broca’s aphasia worm during his speech with the United Nations on November 28th.

Lamont Hill advocated violent resistance against Israel and called for the expansion of Palestine “from the river to the sea.” This blatant anti-Semitism was shocking enough in its own right, but it paled in comparison to the faces of Lamont Hill’s liberal colleagues, particularly the black and Jewish ones.

Still, all of this was nothing compared to the revelation earlier this morning that HuffPost would be changing its name to TuffPost and running hit pieces about the Hasidic community. This news came to us just hours after one of our trusted sources told us that plans were underway to round Hollywood’s top actors and produces up into internment camps until Palestine could extend all the way to America.

It is a strange time to be alive in the U.S., especially for those of us who have ear canals through which these malignant parasites can travel. Be safe, my fellow homosapiens.

-B.F. 2018

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