Kindle Crack: Bird Box, Hill House, and Other Killer Ebooks You Can Snag Cheap

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“Hey, it’s that one book that one movie on Netflix of the same title is based on!” Yes, it is. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the movie, and I know nothing about the book. It’s hot right now though, so why not? No reason not to snag it while it’s cheap.

Now this one, I know a little more about. This is another recent Netflix affair, and although it wasn’t horrible (except for the ending, which was undeniably horrible), the book is much better. I definitely recommend this classic from Jackson. At this price, it should be a no-brainer.

I guess this is “Horror Novels Gone Hollywood” week? While I’ve had Rosemary’s Baby on my shelf for a while, I haven’t gotten around to reading it. The movie was great, and I’ve heard nothing but acclaim for the novel. I’d say that’s a pretty good sign.

Let’s break up the monotony with something a bit more literary. I read this way back in the college days, and all I remember is that I liked it and it’s weird as hell. I’m definitely grabbing this for a much-needed re-read. Why not treat yourself to a little cerebral strangeness on the cheap?

“Wow, sweet cover and title! Is it any good?” How should I know? I can’t read everything in the world, you know. But let’s return our attention to that cover… isn’t that something? Kill For Satan! seems to have attracted some mixed reviews, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Buy at your own risk, but at $2.99, the risk isn’t too steep.

Here’s another looker I haven’t read, but someone whose endorsement I trust has: “[…]Stephen Michell announces himself as a new and powerful presence on the literary horror scene.” — Gemma Files, Shirley Jackson Award-winning author of Experimental Film. Did someone say “literary horror?” Okay, I’m sold.

I’m relatively new to Mr. Mamatas, but I like what I’m reading of The Last Weekend so far. Now that this collection of Lovecraftian work is available for a steal, it may be time to dig a little further. It’s earned solid reviews, so there’s no doubt this is a worthy buy.

Stephen Florida is supposed to be really good. And weird. And disturbing. In short, it’s supposed to be my… er… our cup o’ tea. It’s by Gabe Habash. “Who’s that?” I dunno, but the cover art is awesome, the reviews are off the charts, and, oh yeah, did I mention that it’s super cheap? Let’s discover Habash together, dear readers.

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