Kindle Crack: Ebook Deals on Titles by Borges, Lispector, Bernhard and More

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Borges, for me, is the original master of weird lit. His work is consistently puzzling, dazzling, and befuddling, and you shouldn’t let the fact that you’ve heard at least one literary snob name-drop him discourage you from pursuing his work with impassioned fervor. Everything he pens is gold, and Labyrinths for three bucks is definitely the deal of the month.

Delaney is another weird titan. Read Dhalgren, if you haven’t already, then keep tabs on this twisted sci-fi writer on Amazon, since his work frequently goes on sale. If you’re patient enough, you can pick up each book for a steal. It’s well worth it for readers of anything dark, weird, and highly imaginative.

Some folks may be tempted to argue that Sebald doesn’t belong on a list of weird fiction deals. Still, his penchant for rambling, fantastical narratives tied to seriously heady deep dives into the history of his European surroundings make for some of the best reads I’ve stumbled across over the past few years. I can’t recommend Sebald’s work enough. For the price, The Emigrants is a more than worthy addition to your library.

We’ve featured Zeno’s Conscience before, but the deal is still going strong! This book was lauded by James Joyce, and you can see why. Don’t worry, it’s not a dense hypertext work in the style of the latter’s, but rather an engaging and absurd narrative that’s rapidly become one of my favorites of the modernist period.

Lispector certainly needs no introduction. I haven’t read this title from everyone’s favorite Brazilian weird writer, but I’ve developed an absolute confidence in her work after being blown away by her short stories and Near to the Wild Heart. Your kindle library needs this.

Thomas Bernhard is another name you can absolutely count on. After reading The Loser, I’ve gathered everything I can find by this fellow. I have yet to be let down. While this is a bit more expensive than everything else on this list, it’s still a worthy buy, particularly since sales rarely grace the Bernhard oeuvre.

This collection by the author of the legendary Necrosaurus Rex and the newly-released follow-up, At The End of the Day I Burst Into Flames, is more than a worthy purchase for any fan of weird lit. Day’s fiction truly inhabits a world of its own, and you’re destined to fall in love with it.

I haven’t read this, but we’ve recently covered it in a list of seriously weird books. For less than the price of a McDonald’s breakfast, you can pick up one of the titles Bob Freville’s been raving about on SMM. This is a rare opportunity, since most of the weird books he discusses are rare and intimidatingly expensive.

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