Kindle Crack: Ebook Deals from Roberto Bolano, Michel Houellebecq, Gemma Files, and More!

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I’ve sung praises about Bolano’s masterpiece before on this site, and I plan to do it again soon. In the meantime, 2666 is going for a buck ninety-nine on Kindle right now, and my god this has to be the friggin Kindle Crack deal of the year. Get this immediately.

Houellebecq has appeared on this site before as well, and while the subject we covered might be a little revolting, I generally love his work. I haven’t gotten to Submission yet, but I thought The Elementary Particles, The Map and the Territory, and The Possibility of an Island were pretty great.

Last Days, as I’ve mentioned multiple times in this series, has been on sale for awhile. Now, my favorite collection of Evenson’s, A Collapses of Horses, is in the spotlight. What an excellent opportunity to delve further into his catalogue!

Everyone seems to be nuts about this oppressively dark little book by Han Kang. I haven’t read this myself, but it keeps appearing all over my suggested books feed. For the price, it seems like a pretty good bet.

This is a wonderful book by weird fiction extraordinaire, Gemma Files. I loved Experimental Film, and I’m sure anyone who gives this engrossing tale the time of day will agree. For the price, this thing’s a steal.

Given my recent obsession with stories about dolls and mannequins, I’ve had my eye on this one for a while. The new price tag seals the deal. I generally enjoy Joyce Carol Oates, and I’m sure this is a worthy buy.

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