Call for Nominations: 10 Weird Writers to Save Us All in 2019


Yes, it’s back! Last year’s 10 Weird Writers to Save Us All in 2018 was an absolute success, and many of the featured writers ended up in our debut anthology, Mannequin: Tales of Wood Made Flesh. We’re hoping even more readers and fellow writers turn out this year to nominate their deserving peers. One of the things were passionate about here on SMM is promoting writers who might not be getting the recognition they deserve. It’s a tough world for writers out there, and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of online information oversaturation. So, here’s your chance, folks. There are only a few rules:

Nominate a weird, bizarro, horror, or otherwise experimental writer you feel could use some recongition this year for their tireless work. Try to avoid nominating folks who already have a strong online presence and fanbase; the point of this list is to express gratitude to authors who might not recieve it otherwise.

Nominations are open to the public! Ten nominees will be voted by the Silent Motorist Media street team for public recognition. Please limit your nominations to four or fewer writers. It’s always helpful to include a few words on why you think these writers deserve recognition. We consider such comments when it comes to the final vote. 

Please try to nominate a writer who has released or is planning to release something in 2019! While this is our preference, it isn’t strictly necessary. 

Please do not nominate yourself!

You may submit your nominations as a comment to this post, or as an email to Winners will be announced early in June, and nominations will close on May 30th. 

Let the nominations again! Your participation is deeply appreciated, and we encourage you to share this announcement on social media. The more shares this gets, the more exposure your deserving author will get when the list releases!


25 comments on “Call for Nominations: 10 Weird Writers to Save Us All in 2019”

  1. I have encountered engaging “weirdness” by way of experimental poetry, by both Ben Arzate and Donald Armfield. I have been lucky to encounter their books, and so I nominate both of them. Ben utilized bizarre and unexpected imagery in his poems (even just with the title of a sky being battered), while Armfield’s work struck me as oddly esoteric in its approach to language and ideas. Both poets use language in very unpredictable ways. I’ve been reading many different texts of poetry, but these two writers strike me as unique in their approach, and certainly very memorable. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Kirk Jones released what is pretty much my ideal bizarro book this year (Fuck Happiness)

    Homeless is an author I hadn’t even heard mention of before, but I loved his novel about a man and a talking cat searching for a lost love in a gray wasteland with a coffee cup sun

    Michael Onofrey wrote a surreal novel where life literally imitates art that felt like a Godard film

  3. Keith Rosson. He’s gotten some recognition but I don’t think he’s too known yet. Some outlandish situations but handled with real sensitivity.

  4. I would like to nominate Duncan Ralston. Video Nasties was excellent and he has a voice unlike anything else.
    Tonia Brown wrote one of the most original zombie tales I’ve ever read in Badass Zombie Roadtrip.
    Everything Jimmy Pudge writes is absolutely insane and anyone who hasn’t read at least one of his stories cannot live an entirely full life.

  5. Here’s my list, for what it’s worth 🙂

    1. Philip Fracassi – probably the author who got me into the new wave of weird fiction, his work never drops below stellar. His voice sounds like he could easily punch you out, but he’s been very supportive during my Ravenwood days, so Phil is number one.

    2. Matthew M. Bartlett – a guy whom I’m sure needs no introduction, I’ve never read a rubbish thing by Matthew. Also, his cat Larry is just too cute.

    3. Betty Rocksteady – Betty writes squishy, naughty horror that I just love. She’s not afraid to post about her inner mind, and I adore her for that as well as her oozing writing.

    4. John Paul Fitch – this Scotch/Aussie has been with me since our early Ravenwood days and has consistently knocked stories out of the park. I expect big things from this dude in the very near future.

    5. Rob F Martin – whilst a bit quiet on the writing front recently, Rob is one of the few writers who blends the weird and the philosophical seamlessly. I hope to see more from him in 2019.

    6. Phil Breach – an English poet, Phil writes some of the best folk/cosmic horror poetry. It obviously helps he likes my pictures, but reading Phil’s work is like sipping a fine IPA – you want it to last, but it’s just too tasty.

    7. Ashley Dioses and KA Opperman – I’m sure most of us are familiar with the works of Ashley, but I would be amiss to leave her out of any list. I know it’s not always good to compare people to other people, but I’ll just say Clark Ashton Smith is one of my favourite writers and leave it at that 😉 I also know it’s sneaky of me to mention Kyle, but hey, where there’s one there’s the other!

    8. Sarah Walker – I just love Sarah’s characters in her stories. Her dialogue is so effortless, and beyond compare. I’m hoping to see more of her work this year – and more of those insane conversations!

    9. John Linwood Grant – a strange Yorkshire man or a Lurcher. I can never tell. What I do know is that John is one of the most consistent, intelligent and engaging conversationalists I’ve had the pleasure to meet. His stories aren’t bad either 😉

    10. And no list is ever complete without that most awesome Texan, Sam L Edwards. He never stops – either writing, supporting, or sharing drinks in odd jars. Long may he continue!

  6. Betty Rocksteady. Betty Rocksteady. GODDAMMIT BETTY MF ROCK MF STEADY. Who else can turn a tale of some guy boning a spider into an allegory about racism or riff on the atmosphere and claustrophobia of the PT demo to deal with the guilt of teenage stupidity or frame one of the most important discussions about the real life repercussions of how we cover female sexuality with shame as a body horror sexy ghost romp? Fecking Betty Rocksteady, that’s who.

  7. 1. Ken MacGregor – mainly short, very weird, horror.

    2. ZigZag Claybourn – Afropunk and off-beat philosophy/poetry.

    3. R.S. Belcher – weird, wild west. He’s a pretty established author, but Tor is dragging their feet on book 4 of Golgotha and I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

  8. D. L. Myers comes out with his debut poetry collection this year, Oracles from the Black Pool.
    Adam Bolivar, an amazing folkloric horror poet and writer.
    K. A. Opperman, also an amazing dark poet, especially known for his Halloween poetry.
    S. L. Edwards, awesome short fiction writer, with his debut short story collection coming out this year, Whiskey and Other Unusual Ghosts..

  9. Zin E. Rocklyn
    Fiona Maeve Geist
    Greg Sisco
    Farah Rose Smith
    Annie Neugebauer
    Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
    Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
    Dennis Mombauer
    Paul Jessup
    Jennifer West McCarthy

  10. Zin E. Rocklyn, without a doubt. Straightforward narrative in some places AND some slippy, dreamlike storytelling in others. Quite engaging.

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