Kindle Kult: Folk Horror Edition

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Adam Nevill, in case you don’t already know, is the author of The Ritual–yes, the book behind the excellent folk horror film. Given that alone, there’s no reason to pass up The Reddening at a slick $4.99 on Kindle!

While we’re talking high-quality folk horror, we’d be remiss to neglect this excellent little anthology for $3.99. “The Fiends in the Furrows, takes the bustling in the hedgerows and turns them into your darkest nightmares…this is an anthology that will stir up those primal fears that are ingrained in all of us.” –Jim Mcleod,, JIM MCLEOD’S TOP HORROR BOOKS OF 2018

And while we’re talking anthologies, this gem from Aphotic Realm is a steal at $2.99. Everyone knows nothing’s scarier than horror in the mountains… I know I can’t wait to give Appalachian Horror a read.

Lovecraftian horror tends to touch shoulders with the folk horror universe, so I don’t feel like Jeffrey Thomas’ short collection of Lovecraftian tales, The Coming of the Old Onesis too out of place here. At $0.99, it’s not like I could miss out on sharing this with you anyway.

And speaking of Lovecraft, here’s a sale that’s guaranteed not to last. Matt Ruff’s Lovecraft Countrya highly-celebrated blend of eldritch dread and the true horrors of racism, is currently going for $1.99. Get it while you can!

*All Kindle deals have nothing whatsoever to do with Silent Motorist Media. We are merely pointing them out to you, and we encourage you to verify the price before purchasing. None of these prices are garunteed to last! 


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