Month: May 2020

Weird Writers Recommend Philosophy Books

Brian Evenson: A Thousand Plateaus by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari I’ve occasionally taught a class just on this book, and when I do I suggest that students relax and read it almost like it’s fiction. Taken in those terms it’s a deeply imaginative book that poses all sorts of strange questions and then provides

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Classic Review: Kwaidan

There’s no doubt that weird fiction easily bears comparison to the folk tale. I imagine that many readers and writers of weird fiction developed their initial attraction to the more unsettling dimensions of literary creation by way of a particularly well-told folk tale. I vividly remember my own initial tinge of the uncanny gleaned from

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Weird Writers Recommend Kaiju Films

Jonathan Raab: Shin Godzilla (2016) This film treats the ever-mutating Godzilla as a natural disaster, and follows the Japanese government’s response to his/her rampage. What should be a boring bureaucratic procedural is instead a comment on generational leadership and crisis management. Plus, Godzilla’s different forms are all unique and interesting. It’s far better than the

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