Month: October 2020

Trick or Treat: a Retrospective by Shannon Ryan

It was the 1980s, and America had stopped panicking about communists under every bed and started panicking about Satanists under every bed.  The main way Satan was influencing America’s teens was Dungeons and Dragons but closely following the Monster Manual was evil magic on Rock and Roll songs that could only be heard when you

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Vintage Sci Fi Reviews: Malzberg’s The Day of the Burning

I didn’t intend to collect Barry Malzberg paperbacks. When I started buying mass market sci fi by lot, an editor I admire asked me to keep an eye out for Malzberg titles (presumably to pass along to him). Well, I did, and the more of them I picked up, the more my intent to let

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Six Great Contemporary Philippine Gothic Tales You Can Read Online: a List by Kristine Ong Muslim

The Gothic tradition reimagined in a Philippine setting—more specifically in a palatial Spanish colonial-era mansion with dingy interiors—is captured in all its glory by a scene in the third installment of the Tagalog film anthology franchise Shake, Rattle & Roll, where the character played by actress Gina Alajar is shown fumbling with a flower pot

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