Month: December 2020

10 Books You Shouldn’t Miss From 2020

  Grimscribe Press’ The Immeasurable Corpse of Nature is a collection that appears to have generated a lot of excitement at the time of its release, only to get swallowed by the COVID panic that occupied so much momentum in 2020. And it’s a damn shame, since Christopher Slatsky’s latest work is easily the best

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The Stars Are Brightly Shining by Joanna Parypinski

You hear them before you see them. Here come their voices, harmonized as one and drifting out of the night in a whisper of moon: the Midnight Carolers. You’ve heard of them, as anyone has heard of a folktale, an urban legend passed between children’s ears to conjure up magic and mystery. They choose a

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Hijacked Consciousness: an Interview With B. R. Yeager

B. R. Yeager’s novel Negative Space (Apocalypse Party, 2020) caught me utterly unprepared this year and easily maintained a spot in my top ten “Best of 2020” list. Ever since putting it the book down, I’ve been aching to pick the mind behind the novel. I genuinely can’t thing of a better way to inaugurate

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