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The Rapture and Weird Fiction: A Poem in which the Nude Scene in Westworld Proves the End is Nigh

I wasn’t aware that the world was ending… again… until I saw it on Facebook last night. Thank God for Facebook, I suppose. From Facebook I followed links until I made it to an article by Fox News regarding the rapturous calculations by yet another Christian numerologist (how many of them are there? Is there

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Bizarro in the Western Canon: Why Weird Doesn’t Equal Trash

Bizarro fiction is a genre I deeply respect. Some of the older stories featured in Esoteric Sausage are directly bizarro, while others are closer to horror. I don’t, like many of my writer friends out there, consider myself strictly a “Bizarro” writer, but it is the genre which truly inspired me to embrace my penchant

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Writing and Wittgenstein: Notes From a Neglected WIP

One of my many frustrations as a writer arises from the fact that even though I fill hundreds and hundreds of pages with words, I produce precious little writing that meets publication standards. This doesn’t mean what it sounds like it does. I don’t write works intended for publication and then scrap them for being

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Win a Piece of My Library With Flash Fiction!

I’m going to experiment with something, here. I’m giving a random book from my bookshelf to whoever can write the coolest flash fiction (200 words or less) under the theme “Esoteric Sausage.” You don’t have to know anything about my release, release Esoteric Sausage and Other Malformations. Just something relevant to the words “Esoteric Sausage,”

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The Sausage is Here: One Down, Four to Go!

Well it’s here! Esoteric Sausage and Other Malformations is officially on Amazon! Pick up a copy here! It feels good to have a solid debut release under my belt, but it’s not time to celebrate just yet. I have settled on a goal of five releases this year. This isn’t as unreasonable as it seems:

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Sausage, Aliens, Academia, and Other Things I’ve Been Screwing With Since Last Time

The waiting period before a publication date tends to be a little strenuous. Esoteric Sausage and Other Malformations is officially scheduled to drop on the 18th (three days away), and I’m feeling the performance night jitters. Although seeing my first serious publication go through the process was fun, I’ll definitely feel better once it’s out

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Banished From Language In the spirit of centralizing publications, this is a piece I wrote for Lost in the Funhouse. It’s one of my favorites, and it made it into the editor’s “Top Ten” list. It’s a twisted glance at the artwork of Francis Bacon. Enjoy!