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In Defense of Conspiracy Theorists

by Zakary McGaha Although I’m an accounting student I’ve taken, and passed, many college-level science courses, including two astronomy courses. If you’ve taken astronomy, you’re probably aware that physics plays a HEAVY part. Why am I pointing this out? Because, apparently, if you’ve taken science classes and have a knowledge of physics, you think “social

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5 Facts That Prove We Are Living in a Dystopian Society

By Bob Freville As fans of the dark and depraved, we’ve all devoured dystopian novels and movies with the same gusto that a coprophile affords 2 Girls, 1 Cup. But like the fated Neo of The Matrix, it’s time we drop the proverbial red pill and take the blinders off. We are living in a

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But a Wrinkle in Time: The Latest Viral Image

By Roman Nokoff The Internet has been abuzz about a curious new picture that surfaced late last week. Like The Dress and the Yanny or Laurel meltdowns before it, this photo is inspiring some heated water cooler debate. Within seconds of being posted, it went viral (duh!) and now the American people have weighed in

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