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Films That Fell Through the Cracks: Slash (2002)

Welcome to Films That Fell Through the Cracks where we discuss notable motion pictures that failed to generate the kind of buzz worthy of the so-called “cult classic.” Today, “Locker Arms” author Zakary McGaha delves into the horror-comedy hilarity of 2002’s Slash. “Slash” Film Review  by Zakary McGaha Slash (2002) is horror-comedy gold. If you’re

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10 Graveyards That Make Us Horny as Hell

By Raven Laveaux In a world full of bloviating misogynists and chest-pounding Jesus freaks, there is one place that you can go where everyone will actually just STFU and let you do you. That place is the cemetery. Some people get all freaked out when they think about these domiciles of the dead, but here

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Why Mainstream Horror is Still Dead and Won’t Become a Zombie Anytime Soon

by Zakary McGaha A ton of horror fiction fans are currently optimistic. They’re saying we’re due for another horror boom…you know, like the one in Paperbacks from Hell. Well, I’ve said on multiple occasions in private, and I’ll say it again now: this isn’t going to happen. Nothing is going to bring back the mass-market

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