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A Short Book Review of a Short Book: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Saying Goodbye

Review by Zakary McGaha 3.5/5 stars. This is a stellar collection of short stories and flash from one of indie lit’s most enthusiastic readers/reviewers. Every story has something to like about it, but some definitely stick out more than others. The style of prose is on the minimalistic side of things, which I uniformly loathe,

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The Unreprinted: “Throat Sprockets” by Tim Lucas

By Ben Arzate Welcome to the first installment of “The Unreprinted,” wherein I discuss out-of-print books of every genre. For this initial discussion, we’ll be taking a look at the cult erotic horror novel by author and film critic Tim Lucas, Throat Sprockets. “A city without theaters is a guilty city; it is a place

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Halloween Flash Fiction: “Polka Dots”

By J.L. Mayne The bile stings as it ejects from my empty stomach into the white porcelain. The acid struggles to mix with the water. Strings of green and yellow drip through the murk to the base of the bowl. My arms rest on the seat, where my family sits and defecates at least once

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