Silent Motorist Media is not your typical publishing house. First and foremost, it is not a publishing house at all, much in the same way that I do not consider myself, first and foremost, a writer. Above all, I am a reader. If I were forced to choose between reading and writing for the rest of my life, I would choose reading without hesitation. This preference of mine is directly related to Silent Motorist Media’s mission.

I love books. I don’t believe I could live without them. I am passionate about the books I read, and my immediate impulse is always to share them with other appreciative readers. This process of sharing is what Silent Motorist Media was designed to do. We aren’t merely a publisher; we are a network of writers and readers striving to share the books we enjoy.

That’s why Silent Motorist Media’s promotional services are free. We want writers to share their work with us, so we can share it with others. We’ve seen our share of paid promotional services across the Internet, and the result is always the same: a dispassionate promise of “posts,” “likes,” and “shares” promised to translate to “sales.” In our view, these terms are inimical to the entire enterprise of reading. At Silent Motorist Media, we think in terms of passion for the work, the excellence in the quality of writing, and our own desire to tell readers about what we’ve read.

Writers shouldn’t pay people to talk about their work. The work itself should inspire these conversations, and this free and voluntary interaction is what we are here to facilitate.

We think of our “publications” as attempts to achieve this goal. Whether we publish an author’s work on the site or put a work into print, our goal is to further the passion for good writing. That’s why you’ll see so many “fundraisers” around here. We are dedicated to paying our writers, but we refuse to turn promotion into a system of financial mechanics. We depend entirely from supporters like you to enable us to continue lifting up the many deserving, hardworking writers we strive to support.

-Justin A. Burnett