Promotional Services

Do you want your publication, album, or artwork featured or reviewed on Silent Motorist Media? Are you interested in joining the ever-growing ranks of creators and artists featured in our interview series? Excellent! Email us, and we’ll be more than happy to consider it.

Our promotional services are entirely free. We are more than happy to work with creators who excite us, and we believe that basing this aspect on financial gain would inevitably corrupt the atmosphere of SMM.

We’re dedicated to helping the weird arts flourish in whatever modest way we can. To us, the world of art is more than a “side job.” It’s a passion. We live in and breathe the atmosphere you help create. You are the reason Silent Motorist Media exists, and we want to thank you by promoting your work to the best of our abilities. If your work is a good fit, I’m confident you’ll find us an enthusiastic partner, critic, and audience.