Editing Services

We do a lot here at Silent Motorist Media. Not only do we strive to support independent authors and publishers by blogging about them, but we’re on the front lines of the writing business ourselves. We’re passionate about what we do. Silent Motorist Media isn’t a “side gig.” It’s a way of creating art ourselves, and helping others do the same.

That’s why we offer professional editing services. The Silent Motorist Media editing team has over a decade of experience in editing academic, fiction, and technical writing. With publications, MA and BA degrees in English, as well as extensive experience teaching, tutoring, and writing ourselves, we know our edits.

But don’t take our word for it. We’ll edit the first page or two (depending on length) of every manuscript submitted for editing and send it back as a sample. Don’t let all those grueling hours spent on your manuscript go to waste due to a sloppy, unprofessional editing job. We’ve seen it happen hundreds of times. Our highly competitive rates (posted below) are designed to fit the needs of writers (we know the struggle). Let Silent Motorist Media help your manuscript reach its potential.

  • Copy editing: $0.005 per word.
  • Content editing: $0.0025 of a cent per word.
  • Copywriting: varies per project.
  • Academic paper editing/formatting: varies per project (approx. $20.00 per 3 pages)
  • Content writing: varies per project.

Email us for further information. We’re here to help!