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Hymns of Abomination, Nightside Codex, 10 Weird Writers, and More (an update)

Okay–so there’s a lot going on here at SMM. I’m not the best at being the promotional mouthpiece required for a venture of this size (I’m a single dad of two little boys working full time in the medical field), so I apologize for falling behind on announcements. I’m going to have to pack a

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2020 10 Weird Writers to Save Us All Call for Nominations

For the past two years (see our 2018 and 2019 lists), we’ve been honored to publish a list of “10 Weird Writers to Save Us All,” wherein we celebrate weird fiction, horror, bizarro, or related writers who might not have gotten the recognition they deserve by more popular media entities. Every year, this list gets

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Nominations Closed for 10 Weird Writers to Save Us All in 2019

Public nominations for Weird Writers to Save Us All in 2019 are officially closed! We are compiling the list of nominees now, and we’ll post the results as soon as we’ve selected the winners. We deeply appreciate everyone who took the time to vote. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to acknowledge your favorite

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