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Cats and The Writhing Skies: An Interview with Betty Rocksteady

Just catching up with Betty Rocksteady, the two-punch Gatling gun of artistic creation about what happens when her passions for illustrating and writing collide… -Austin James http://www.bettyrocksteady.com Follow Betty Rocksteady on Facebook and Twitter “I wouldn’t ever want a dog, I just don’t really get them, and they don’t get me. They’re extroverts.” -Betty Rocksteady Austin

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The Return of Silent Motorist Media

As promised, after nearly a month of inactivity, Silent Motorist Media is back! We’re picking up right where we left off, and we’d like to announce a few changes to our program. To begin, we have a new staff writer. Austin James, author of “Profixer” and the recently-released collection, The Drip Drop Prophet, is joining

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Profixer® by Austin James

Are you generally dissatisfied with your life? Those everyday stresses of the middleclass American Dream got you down? Feeling too goddamn human? Fear not! We’ve got the solution for you—just Swallow the Rainbow™. Talk to your healthcare professional to see if the Profixer® Power Pack regimen is right for you. Strawberry Monday: Taking two Red

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