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What’s New at Silent Motorist Media?

If things have seemed a bit quiet around here for the past few days, it hasn’t been for a lack of activity on our end. In fact, we’ve been hard at work with a slew of new projects and site additions for you. Some of these we can’t quite announce yet. The purpose of this

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Hiatus Announcement

It’s been more than a successful first round here at SMM, and we’re proud of the ground we’ve covered over this short span of time. The time has come, however, to focus on some writing and editing obligations. Don’t worry; we’ll return shortly with a new slew of author interviews, album reviews, and original publications.

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New Media: An SMM Calendar of Sorts

First, we have a new About page which rather fails, unfortunately, at explaining any questions you may have about SMM. We’ll take this failure in stride, since explanations tend to ruin things. Don’t mistake our acquiescence for apathy, however. Contact us, and we are more than happy to answer any questions we surely did not

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