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So Much Pain, So Much Sorrow: Celebrating 30 Years with Night of the Demons

By Bob Freville The day of atonement is at hand. We here at Silent Motorist Media delight in celebrating anniversaries…unless they’re our parents’ anniversaries. Hey, we’re children of divorce. Give us a break. Today, we honor Kevin Tenney’s cult horror classic, Night of the Demons, on the anniversary of its original theatrical release (October 14th,

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Heroic Misfits & Taxidermied Cats: An Interview with Trent Harris

To look at a photo of Trent Harris, you might mistake him for an upper-middle class father of three with a yen for Solitaire and the odd nip of cognac by an open fireplace. To take in his warm demeanor and non descript mode of dress, you might imagine him as an archetype of the

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