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Weird Writers Recommend Weird Cinema, a List by Alistair Rey

“Weird” cinema is a category in search of an essence. It is characteristically difficult to pin down and more-often-than-not transcends genres, blending elements of experimental film, horror, mystery, science fiction, and psychological thriller in equal measure. Films like Jacob’s Ladder (1990), Videodrome (1983), and Roman Polanski’s Repulsion (1965) might all be considered classics of “weird”

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Santa Dog’s a Jesus Fetus: A Look Back at the Residents, Part II

By Ben Arzate Read Part I Here Dedicated to Hardy Fox 1945 – 2018 Despite the premature demise of their American Composers Series project and the death of their good friend and long-time collaborator Snakefinger, the Residents continued to work on new projects. In 1988, the Residents released what is, in my opinion, their best

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Reading in the Age of Trump: the Danger of Low-Hanging Fruit

Reading in the Age of Trump The first time the Trump presidency seemed serious to me was when Slavoj Zizek half-heartedly endorsed Trump for the 2016 election. Zizek’s reasons for supporting such an outrageous candidate were, in a truly Zizekian fashion, complicated. His stance was similar to David Lynch’s: that Trump, while a problem himself,

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