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5 Ways to Kick the Bucket Whilst Pulling Your Pud

By Bob Freville Has “the stranger” become a bit too familiar to seem strange anymore? Do you require a level of advanced stimulation that no vibe or butt plug could ever provide? You are not alone, my perverted pal. There’s a reason that the French refer to the human orgasm as “la petite mort.” At

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The Bloody Pustule Beauty Pageant

The following Halloween treat was originally published by Bizarro Central as part of their Flash Fiction Fridays series. It appears here in its unedited and unabridged form. By Bob Freville They’re spilling out on to the rickety termite-ridden runway. Woo daddy! We can see them lumbering out now! Oh yes! Those adorable little gals! Our

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10 Graveyards That Make Us Horny as Hell

By Raven Laveaux In a world full of bloviating misogynists and chest-pounding Jesus freaks, there is one place that you can go where everyone will actually just STFU and let you do you. That place is the cemetery. Some people get all freaked out when they think about these domiciles of the dead, but here

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