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Writer Nominations Closed

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who nominated a writer for 10 Weird Writers to Save Us All in 2018. I haven’t been able to thank each email, message, and comment individually due to the unanticipated overwhelming response from you all. We’re thrilled that so many readers and writers alike participated, and from

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Pulp and the Avant-Garde: An Interview with Nicholaus Pantnaude of Psychedelic Horror Press

“Psychedelic Horror is an attempt to forge a new genre…. I like the idea of merging the dangerous side of pulp (in terms of content) with the dangerous side of the avant-garde (in terms of form).” -Nicholaus Pantnaude For our latest addition to our author interview series, I spoke to Nicholaus Pantnaude about Psychedelic Horror

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For a Better Silent Motorist Media

Donate for a Better Silent Motorist Media Yes, this is a donate button. Why, you ask? There are several reasons, and absolutely none of them have to do with compensating me for the work I’ve done here. This blog is an undertaking of love; I began it freely and without delusions of turning it into

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