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Latest James Franco Sighting Scares New Yorkers

By Dick Everlast The Big Apple was shaken up this Tuesday when yet another James Franco was allegedly spotted in the wilds of Central Park. At half past noon, Carla Weinhardt-Blackman was jogging through the park and came to a stop in an alcove to adjust her Fit Bit. When Ms. Weinhardt-Blackman looked up, she

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A Bucketful of Francos: Unlocking the Mystery of James Franco

Franco Bucket Design by Justin A. Burnett Hard-hitting Investigative Journalism by Bob Freville Back in January, five women came forward to accuse James Franco of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior. Among their allegations was the assertion that Franco, the 40-year old Hollywood actor and ever-prolific polymath behind the Oscar-nominated Disaster Artist, removed protective guards from

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