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Kindle Crack: Bird Box, Hill House, and Other Killer Ebooks You Can Snag Cheap

“Hey, it’s that one book that one movie on Netflix of the same title is based on!” Yes, it is. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the movie, and I know nothing about the book. It’s hot right now though, so why not? No reason not to snag it while it’s cheap. Now this one, I

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Kindle Crack: Hand-Picked Ebook Deals for the New Year

Happy 2019, everyone! What better way to begin the new year than with some badass kindle deals? You know the drill: top notch weird, horror, sci-fi, and whatever else fiction, BookBub style, personally tailored to our reader’s tastes. Looks like the Evenson sale is still going, and I’ve rarely been more excited about a kindle

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Kindle Crack: Killer Deals for Weird Lit Ebooks

Welcome to our first edition of Kindle Crack! As broke-ass writers delighting in our hopeless book addictions, we spend a lot of time looking for ebooks suited to our severely malnourished bank accounts. Why not, we decided, share the fruits of our labor with our beloved readers? Here, you’ll find the latest deals in weird,

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