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10 Weird Fiction Books You Definitely Shouldn’t Miss from 2019

To Rouse Leviathan by Matt Cardin This magnificent collection of weird fiction with a spiritual twist is certainly a must-read of the year. A compilation of many old, new, and reworked stories from Matt Cardin, To Rouse Leviathan dissolves just the right dose of theological and metaphysical speculation into the bleak medium of Ligottian pessimism.

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Arthur Machen’s Cat, or Some Thoughts on Pre-Lovecraftian Weird Fiction by Alistair Rey

A few years ago, I considered writing a short article entitled “Arthur Machen’s Cat.” I was not exactly certain of the subject the article would treat at the time. Nor was I even certain whether Arthur Machen ever in fact owned a cat (I assume he did). I am ashamed to say that as I

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