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Five Nu Metal Albums Still Worth Listening To in 2019

Ah, nu metal. Who can forget it? That’s back when everyone shopped at Hot Topic and wore jeans that could easily hide the smaller members of your immediate family. I swear it’s true kids, just google “Jncos.” The nu metal heyday may have been before your time, late millennials, but it was truly one of

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Bandcampology, Episode One: Khonnar & Impressions of the Morning Star

Welcome to Bandcampology! I’m your Bandcampologist, Justin. This segment is intended to celebrate the delightfully weird, undeniably wonderful, and tragically underappreciated music platform, Bandcamp. In a world where music streaming services tend towards interchangeability due to the fact that any cool, new feature immediately gets implemented across board by all the major companies, Bandcamp is

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