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Your Happy Life: Day Five

What is the Your Happy Life series? Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four I once met a 40-year-old man who had obliterated his own heart with a 12-gauge shotgun. Incredibly, he remained alive. Happy people seized him and worked ceaselessly to further this miracle of sustained agony. To their disappointment and his relief,

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Your Happy Life: Day One

So. Your life is happy? Splendid! If anything is worth celebrating, surely it is a “happy life.” Go ahead and accept my congratulations. You deserve them! And not only that but add to them the implicit applause of the unhappy multitudes. They envy you, make no mistake. And what is more flattering than basking in

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Renaissance Rebel: An Interview with Phoenix

My next interview in this series is with Phoenix, an author of one NihilismRevised’s many 2018 publications, Separation: Healing. Phoenix is unique to the NihilismRevised family, however, in that he already has a total of fifty (that’s right; that’s a five and a zero) book publications under his belt. You can find Phoenix’s current available

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