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5 Facts That Prove We Are Living in a Dystopian Society

By Bob Freville As fans of the dark and depraved, we’ve all devoured dystopian novels and movies with the same gusto that a coprophile affords 2 Girls, 1 Cup. But like the fated Neo of The Matrix, it’s time we drop the proverbial red pill and take the blinders off. We are living in a

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For Your Consideration: The Nikolas Cruz Prom Date

By Trebor Elliverf The dating pool has really thinned out in the last year, especially for those of you who are still in high school. If you’re a cis-gender female who’s looking to bring home the crown, it can be slim pickins. That’s why we would recommend that you sponsor Nikolas Cruz for Prom King.

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NSFW You Can’t Make This Shit Up: Red Dead Redemption Gets a Porn Parody

The hit video game Red Dead Redemption 2 just got its on X-rated parody courtesy of Woodrocket and Pornhub. The feature-length fuck flick, subtly entitled Red Dead Erection, premieres on Pornhub today and it’s absolutely FREE to watch. Check out the trailer over on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hokA0ACcCU Red Dead Erection is written and directed by Vuko and Lee Roy Myers. It

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You Can’t Make This Shit Up: Marilyn Manson Edition

Welcome back to You Can’t Make This Shit Up, our sporadic column exploring news too bizarre not to be true. Today we learned that shock rocker and unpredictable multi-hyphenate Marilyn Manson made a dildo with his face on it. This may not seem particularly outrageous or surprising to those familiar with the God of Fuck’s

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Presenting the Lindsay Lohan Home for Prepubescent Refugees

Are you feeling like an unfit parent? Or maybe you just want to take your spouse to an opium den for date night? Face it, you’re a Syrian refugee. You can’t afford day care services or a babysitter. Well, now you don’t have to! That’s where LiLo comes in. Just send her your GPS coordinates

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Latest James Franco Sighting Scares New Yorkers

By Dick Everlast The Big Apple was shaken up this Tuesday when yet another James Franco was allegedly spotted in the wilds of Central Park. At half past noon, Carla Weinhardt-Blackman was jogging through the park and came to a stop in an alcove to adjust her Fit Bit. When Ms. Weinhardt-Blackman looked up, she

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