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Paris Street Rebels – I Don’t Wanna Die Young/Freakshow AA Side – Music Review

by Bob Freville I had largely given up on Punk ever since pop-punk acts like Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte co-opted the label and bastardized it. But every now and again, I come across an artist that puts things right and calls out the many wrongs of the genre. In recent years, acts like The

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Santa Dog’s a Jesus Fetus: A Look Back at the Residents, Part II

By Ben Arzate Read Part I Here Dedicated to Hardy Fox 1945 – 2018 Despite the premature demise of their American Composers Series project and the death of their good friend and long-time collaborator Snakefinger, the Residents continued to work on new projects. In 1988, the Residents released what is, in my opinion, their best

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