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Japan: The World’s Hottest Destination Gets a Hot New Sport (NSFW)

By Trebor Elliverf, Travel Correspondent The world is a big and exciting rock, neither round nor flat but decidedly quadrangular in shape and rather droopy in spots. Nowhere is its dimensions more defined than in the Land of the Rising Sun, a country that resembles nothing so much as an overly aroused meerkat. It neither

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You Can’t Make This Shit Up: Legal Hookers Raise Hell Over Sex Doll Brothel “Epidemic”

September, 20th 2018, Pahrump, Nevada – A group of sex workers from a legal brothel near Las Vegas, Nevada are speaking out against the rise of sex doll brothels across the planet. Licensed prostitutes from Sheri’s Ranch are concerned about the negative impact sex doll brothels will have on their profession, should these establishments be allowed to flourish in

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