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Scoundrels Among Us by Darrin Doyle – Book Review

By Ben Arzate Scoundrels Among Us is a collection of 29 stories covering a wide berth of genres and styles. There are realist stories, metafictional narratives, dark humor and pieces consisting only of dialogue. Several of the stories take the form of a sort of bent fairy tale, such as the titular story. Five “scoundrels”

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The Unreprinted: The Consumer by M. Gira

by Ben Arzate Welcome back to The Unreprinted wherein out-of-print books of every genre are spotlighted, dissected and, in some rare cases, eviscerated. Previously, we found ourselves in the fetishistic fray with Tim Lucas’s sublime novel Throat Sockets. Today’s installment finds Ben Arzate delving into the weird and exotic short stories of artist/musician Michael Gira.

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A Short Book Review of a Short Book: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Saying Goodbye

Review by Zakary McGaha 3.5/5 stars. This is a stellar collection of short stories and flash from one of indie lit’s most enthusiastic readers/reviewers. Every story has something to like about it, but some definitely stick out more than others. The style of prose is on the minimalistic side of things, which I uniformly loathe,

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