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Biological Determinism by S.E. Casey

He frowned. The class shuffled in. Despite the lack of years, the third period children were lumpy, bloated, and stuffed into ill-fitting clothes. They were a dim bunch. They had little interest in learning, with even less aptitude. He had made multiple requests not to teach this particular class, but to no avail. Since his

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Profixer® by Austin James

Are you generally dissatisfied with your life? Those everyday stresses of the middleclass American Dream got you down? Feeling too goddamn human? Fear not! We’ve got the solution for you—just Swallow the Rainbow™. Talk to your healthcare professional to see if the Profixer® Power Pack regimen is right for you. Strawberry Monday: Taking two Red

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Welcome! Let’s Get Right Down To It: Esoteric Sausage, Coming April, 2018!

Welcome to my blog! With several new releases on the near horizon, I figured it’s high time I establish a space to unify everything I have going on across the Internet. This way, dear reader, you have access to it all, plus some exciting content exclusive to this blog. Here you will find publication updates,

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