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Weird Writers Recommend Weird Films

Richard Thomas: Under the Skin (2013) What some are calling an arthouse flick, Under the Skin is probably Scarlett Johannson’s best film to date. Without spoiling it, this eerie, creepy surreal movie starts with an opening that rivals 2001: A Space Odyssey. The music and soundtrack go a long way toward creating an atmosphere that

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Weird Writers Recommend Weird Cinema, a List by Alistair Rey

“Weird” cinema is a category in search of an essence. It is characteristically difficult to pin down and more-often-than-not transcends genres, blending elements of experimental film, horror, mystery, science fiction, and psychological thriller in equal measure. Films like Jacob’s Ladder (1990), Videodrome (1983), and Roman Polanski’s Repulsion (1965) might all be considered classics of “weird”

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10 Weird Movies That Never Got Made

By Bob Freville   If you’re anything like me—a glorified freakshow with a propensity towards hunting through thrift stores for forgotten gems—you’ve likely unearthed a king’s ransom of bizarre and risque movies on VHS or DVD. Many of us have marveled at flicks like Adam Rifkin’s The Dark Backward (1991) or the Mel Brooks-produced The

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