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Kindle Kult: Women in Horror, Volume I

To properly kick off the eleventh WiHM, we’re dedicating the next few Kindle Kult posts exclusively to female authors. Do your part to support these authors by following a link, reading, and most importantly, discussing their work with other readers (one easy way to do the latter is taking a second to leave them a

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Horror Sleaze Trash: An Interview with India LaPlace

I recently met India online, seeing that we have several mutual FB friends in the creative arts circles and that she’s local to the SLC area. When I noticed that she’s an associate editor for Horror Sleaze Trash, I got all sorts of excited to discover the art/lit zine (that has been and always will

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God Save The Queen of Filth: An Interview with Dani Brown

Having been a fan of her work ever since the first time I experienced it, I caught up with Dani Brown, “The Queen of Filth”, to scour her brain about her huge library of published works (links galore to follow!), as well as her newest release, Ketamine Addicted Pandas. In addition, we ended up discussing

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